Wed 08 Jul 2020, Great Rollright

Level 2: Judge - Ali Brannen
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
11396 Lena Stenton & Angel204.95164204.75172204.9597204.949399.59526
21015 Jan Martin & Jasmine204.5214204.5142204.5244204.758798.25687
31583 Rachel Williams & Finch20512420010205912054695271
41231 Denise Pile & Oddbod205232052720530104.953289.95112
52003 Julia Edwards & Joshua20541204.9551204.5138104.55088.95280
61655 Kay Luis & Brisa20537204.5168204.5258104.9510588.95568
71177 Susanne Broughton & Poco205582058020511504.53979.5292
81274 Maggie Wills & Evie204.95165200104104.75294104.758674.45649

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report – Level 2

First off I would like to thank Karen Denton for asking me to judge this level 2 and to Hazell Williamson for allowing us to use her venue.

It was great to be out judging, and to see teams out trialling again. Although it was a trial with a difference with 4 teams competing in the morning and 4 in the afternoon (with lots of cleaning in between), it all ran smoothly and all the dogs seemed to have fun. We started the morning searches with boxes and luggage, then the vehicle search, followed by the exterior search and lastly the tables and chairs.

The scent was placed in a black handbag at the back of the search area and a box on the left of the search area. Rachel & Finch, Jan & Jasmine and Lena & Angel found both of these hides. Denise & Oddbod, Julia & Joshua, Kay & Brisa and Maggie & Evie all found 1 scent in this search.

The vehicle search comprised 1 vehicle and a large stretch of wall. The scents were hidden on the left front wheel of the van and the far end of the wall. 7 teams were successful in this search and they were Lena & Angel, Jan & Jasmine, Rachel & Finch, Denise & Oddbod, Julia & Joshua, Kay & Brisa and Susanne & Poco. Maggie & Evie found 1 scent.

All teams were successful in the exterior item search. the scents were hidden in a vacuum hose to the left of the search area and a boot to the right of the search area. Well done everyone.

Lastly the tables, chairs & perimeter. The scent was hidden on the 5th chair, and on a baby bath seat. Again all teams were successful in this search.

The only difference in the afternoon was the order of the searches, due to keeping an eye on the weather. However the scents remained in the same location and on the same items as in the morning.

All teams did well, some dogs were a little distracted or just over excited to be out and about finally, so they did make their handlers work hard in the searches, but all teams qualified so well done everyone. Congratulations to Lena & Angel on 1st place, Jan & Jasmine with 2nd, Rachel & Finch with 3rd all with clean sweeps, and Denise & Oddbod with 4th.

It was great to see everyone out and about again, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.


Trial Manager’s Report

Level 2

Well it was certainly different with only four people morning and four again in the afternoon everyone social distancing and a lot of cleaning down in between. Everyone adhered rigidly to the Covid guidelines and no one was fazed by doing so. It was lovely to see a group of handlers and dogs together again. Competitors were able to catch up with their scores the same evening on SWUK.

Some of the dogs and handlers, unsurprisingly after four months of lockdown, seemed a little rusty but all did well enough to qualify. Well done everyone but particularly to Lena & Angel who came first. Jan & Jasmine were 2nd, Rachel & Finch took 3rd place and Denise & Oddbod came 4th.

Many thanks to Ali for judging and Hazell for allowing me to host this trial at her property. All reported having enjoyed the day and, I think, getting back to a semblance of normality.

Karen Denton

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