Sat 08 Aug 2020, Devoran

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Denise Pile/Hannah Crook

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial Manager.

Gosh! Where to start. First time at this venue although it is my usual training venue and I am familiar with everything!
To save foot traffic and try to ensure less change overs than needed, we ran one indoor and one outdoor search back to back. The Handler was offered the choice as to which one they wished to start with, (interior/exterior). We then escorted them to the chosen area, ran the dog, moved to the next area and ran the second search instantly. I was concerned initially about how the dogs would cope with back to back searches, but it went really well. All dogs Q’d and the handlers seemed to enjoy getting it done that fast.
There is a nice big grass area where the handlers had parked, sitting and chatting or having a wander about on the grass with the dogs.
I think many enjoyed having the space to be near each other and chat while still easily maintaining social distancing. Of course the weather helped!
Again, I was concerned about the heat, but each group took less than 1.5 hours to run through! Helped of course by some fabulous searching! Having a break seemed to have done them all good they came back on fire! Coupled of course with Denise setting some nice searches. Each time we thought it would be a little challenge the dogs came in and proved us wrong!
I regularly checked the concrete areas to ensure it was not getting too hot to walk on.
We had a few distractions around but the dogs all coped brilliantly.

Well done all and thank you for attending.

Firstly congratulations to all level 2 competitors you all got a qualifying scores, well done not easy after being in lockdown. A special congrats to Sue with Megan for coming first, and good work from Peter with Holly and Charlie with Emrys who both got their excellent awards Well done. I’ve got to mention Bridget with Ernie, Ernie was the only dog to find the hide on the wall without passing it and finding it on the second pass. Good nosework Ernie. What a shame Brenda called a wrong alert Ruby worked really well. Alex well done for not calling it wrong and nearly giving me a heart attack when your hand started to move!! Jill what can I say you and Hijack were really good with consistent sniffing, Well done . So all in all a very good mornings work, well done all of you.

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