Wed 10 Aug 2022, Penryn

Level 5: Judge - Sue McAuliffe

Penryn Athletic football club, Little Oaks, Penryn, TR10 8QE

Start: 10.30
Entry Fees: £27 per dog.
Contact: Hannah Crook

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you very much, Hannah, for inviting me to judge your Level 5 trial and thanks too to Katy for scribing and to you both for being so organised and efficient.
Thank you all for coming, it was a real pleasure to see you working your dogs.
We started outside across the front of the clubhouse. Environmentally, this was a busy area and you all coped well. There were 4 scented articles to find and there was a good spread of success across these finds. 5 teams earned their bonus points with Elissa & Dexter and Debra & Buddy completing with impressive times.
The first interior search included a corridor, changing room and shower room with 3 hides. 3 teams cleared this area and all teams worked well, coping with doorways and corners, particularly Debra & Buddy and Andrew & Honey.
The second interior search was one side of the clubhouse including 2 alcoves. There were 5 finds and the teams coped well. 4 teams found them all, Andrew & Honey, Lynn & Pod, Elissa & Dexter and Christie & Oggie.
Congratulations to everyone who took part, I was very impressed with your handling skills and the relationships you have with your dogs.
The top 5 were very close – Huge well done to Debra and Buddy, Lynn and Pod, Andrew and Honey, Chrissie and Oggie on their places , also to the qualifiers, Elissa and Dexter and Denise and Oddbod

Trial manager

Wow! Thank you to everyone who was so accommodating with the changes we made to keep this trial running in the heat.
We moved to start earlier and ran the outdoor search first.

Sue was kind enough to travel down and arrive 2 hours earlier to help everyone get through. It was the first time using this venue and it is a great fun venue to use! I hope we might be able to use it again the future.

Sue set some brilliant hides and that was reflected across the scores on the day.
Well done to all and thank you for all supporting us.


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