Wed 11 Mar 2020, Walcote

Level 1: Judge - Harold Latusek
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Gill Smith - Paddie20519.1620521.2720510.3220513.3610064.11
2Meghan Jones - Rocket20534.9820527.4320521.4320540.87100124.71
3Lynne White - Alize205332053620537.1220521.97100128.09
4Rita Cunningham - Betty20534.2520528.92204.961.262058.6199.9133.04
5Liz Whitmore - Mist20535.1920535.39204.9541.21204.9541.0699.9152.85
6Joan Cattell - Gwen204.938.43204.9530.8420514.0820525.5799.85108.92
7Charlotte Ping - Blue20528.22204.859.8620527.41204.95120.1699.75235.65
8Alan Brown - Nipper20534.7720520.62204.7565.57204.9532.1699.7153.12
9Rebecca Grant - Marvel0533.42059.3720515.962056.838065.56
10Jennie Gibson - Nelson20519.652055.7720517.6204.842.579.885.54
11Jane Appleton - Skipper20517.59204.850.5520513.6204.99679.7177.76
12Kate Peyton - Millie04.518020534.4420518.16204.9585.9279.45318.52

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

A big Thankyou to Anne for inviting me along to Judge this evening level one trial.A Thankyou also to my scribe for the evening,Ros and her assistant Graham.A white dog was used prior to all of the searches commencing.
A total of 13 teams competed.

Vehicle Search
I hid the cloves scent in the front passenger wheel,the vehicle was sited facing away from the start line.I am pleased to say,that with a little help from the gentle breeze,all teams were successful in finding the scent.Some lovely searching and handling by,Gill and Paddie,Jane and Skipper,Joan and Gwen and Rebecca and Marvel,in 10,13,14 and 16 seconds respectively.

We continued with the exterior search in order to make good use of the daylight hours.
I laid out some 12 articles,hiding the scent inside a red and black cable holder and placing it centrally within the search area.All teams were given the option of knowing 3 articles,one of which,(cable holder),would contain the scent.Some lovely methodical searching by a number of the teams,resulting in 12 being successful.Leading the way,were Jennie and Nelson,in some 6 seconds,followed by Rebecca and Marcel in 9 seconds and Gill and Paddie in 21 seconds.

These I set up in a square pattern,hiding the scent underneath the 1st chair to the left of the start line.10 of the 13 were successful in finding the scent.It was nice to see some of the dogs at this level,working of lead.To name a few,Charlotte and blue,Liz and Mist,Gill and Paddie and Alan and Nipper.

I laid out a combination of some 14 boxes and bags,placing the cloves scent inside the buckle of a black canvas briefcase.I placed this directly to the front right of the start line.These dogs were not being fooled,a number picking up the scent cone before passing the start line.In particular,Rebecca and Marvel,7 secs.and Rita and Betty,9 seconds.Some lovely searching by the other teams,resulting in 10 of the 13 being successful.
Overall,a very high standard for level one dogs,resulting in 8 clean sweeps.The first 3 placings being decided on time,all bing on the maximum 100 points.
They were, 1st.Gill and Paddie, 2nd.Meghan and Rocket, 3rd.Lynne and Alize. 4th.Rita and Betty.
Congratulations to Meghan and Rocket on achieving their excellence rosette.

We started the trial at 5pm, this was the first time we had tried an evening trial. We were very lucky with the weather which was fine, dry and not too windy. We started with the vehicle search and then the outdoor search and both of these went very smoothly and we were finished in daylight. The indoor searches also went well.
Unfortunately we had a glitch with the spreadsheet which had totalled some of the scores incorrectly which came to light during the presentation. While checking the spreadsheet the computer decided to update itself and so we had to check the scores by hand which led to a delay for the presentation.
Many thanks to Harry Latusek for judging for us and to Ros and Graham for scribing and last but not least for Jenny for baking the most amazing cakes that kept us going through the evening.

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