Wed 13th Nov 2019, Romsley

Level 1: Judges - Ali Brannen & Elizabeth Beaumont

1 Sue Ellis & Milly – 100
2 Anita Owen & Dolly – 100
3 Sue McAuliffe & Tiva – 100
4 Anita Owen & Jim – 100
5 Paula Warwicker & Ludo – 99.7
6 Gillian Grainger & Ben – 99.7
7 Glenis Charles & Loxley – 99.45
8 Deb Atkins & Chester – 80
9 Jo Robson & Kite – 79.95
10 Michelle Rodgers & Loki – 79.9
11 Rosemary Steen & Harley – 79.5
12 Sheila Kirby & Martha – 79.4
13 Jo Robson & Brock – 78.85

It was chilly but bright for this Level 1 trial. Three people were running two dogs which wasn’t a problem as I’d been offered two cars for searching.

Ali Brannen and Liz Beaumont were my judges for today and I’d like to thank them both for giving up their time to oversee this Trial which they did with great efficiency and empathy. Their feedback was appreciated by all the handlers.

Most dog/handler teams were successful and seemed to enjoy the day. Congratulations go to all the qualifiers with the first four places all scoring 100% and only being separated by time. Sue & Milly 1st, Anita & Dolly 2nd, Sue & Tiva 3rd and Anita & Jim 4th. Well done folks.

Thanks also to Mandy Rigby who was the runner, Anne Johnson and Peter Jeffries who both scribed. As we all know these events couldn’t happen without those who volunteer to help out.

I think the first Level 1 is the hardest that you’ll do but it all gets easier with practice. I look forward watching you all progress as you work through the levels. Thank you for coming today. I hope you enjoyed the experience even if you weren’t successful on this occasion.

Karen Denton

Judges report for Exterior & Vehicle searches

Thank you to Karen for inviting me to judge Level 1 at Romsley and to Peter who volunteered to be my scribe. After a toss of a coin l drew the outside searches and we started with Exterior. The area was fairly long and narrow and quite a number of dogs ran over the first few items.
Even so, all dogs found the odour and there was some excellent searching by Sue & Tiva, Rita & Betty and Jo & Kite.
Following on we moved to the vehicle search, one vehicle one odour. Here there were several dogs who did not focus well on their search and had to be helped and encouraged by their handlers. Nearly everyone found the odour, with quick indications and efficient searching again by Rita & Betty and Jo & Kite.
Congratulations to Sue & Milly on their first place and to all the other handlers and their dogs.

Elizabeth Beaumont

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Sue Ellis & Milly20526205492053320515100123
2Anita Owen & Dolly20557205272053920534100157
3Sue McAuliffe & Tiva20549205212055420535100159
4Anita Owen & Jim20556205362055020525100167
5Paula Warwicker & Ludo204.958620523204.75812057199.7261
6Gillian Grainger & Ben204.9582204.75992051112057999.7371
7Glenis Charles & Loxley20535204.7599204.7541204.952699.45201
8Deb Atkins & Chester2052320534205730514080270
9Jo Robson & Kite204.95532051720511055679.95137
10Michelle Rodgers & Loki04.95432054420587204.954479.9218
11Rosemary Steen & Harley20565204.58020565055279.5262
12Sheila Kirby & Martha20553204.95604.5982056879.4275
13Jo Robson & Brock04.951520525204.9382046378.85141

Romsley Scout Hall, 66 St Kenelms Road, Romsley, Halesowen, B62 0PG

Start time: 10.30am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog. Caped at 12 entries. One or two dogs per handler allowed
Contact: Karen Denton 07968 413543
Download Entry Form to book a place. Fully booked.