Wed 16 Mar 2022, Wellingborough

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Susan Ann Benson, Nikki Hamlin

Wellingborough Rugby Club, Cut Throat lane, Wellingborough NN29 7TZ

Start: Level 1 @9:30am Level 2@2pm
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly I would like to thank Marianne for inviting me to judge alongside Sue Benson , sadly I couldn’t arrange sunshine
After the briefing and area white dogged we made a start
I judged outside for level 1
There were some excellent searches with some very quick times and the majority of teams found the correct item , which was nice to see. We then moved onto the vehicle this proved a little bit more challenging but again some lovely searches and most teams successfully found the scent. I also would like to say a special thank you to my scribe Helen Kennedy who did a wonderful job for me
1st Rebecca & Shadow
2nd Diane & Boris
3rd Lisa & Dottie
4th Liz & Groot
Well done to All qualifiers there was some nice partnerships , I look forward to watching your progress

Level 2
I was lucky to be doing the indoor searches ( I did offer to do one of the outdoor ones)
The tables & chairs with other items was first this proved a little tricky for a couple of the teams , and maybe a couple of them were a little too eager and called it before their dogs had actually settled on the item and it caught them out as it was on the item adjacent to the one they had called but the rest of the teams searched well
The boxes and luggage was or should have been quite straight forward and most teams found it so with just a few finding it or making it harder than it was . I again would like to thank Marianne for stepping in to scribe for me for the boxes and luggage as unfortunately Helen had a prior engagement she needed to attend.
I saw some fabulous teams today it was a pleasure to judge
1st Jane & Nell
2nd Bettina & Oscar
3rd Lynda & Flo
4th Alison & Ellie
Well done everyone
Thank you once again

Lucky me inside for level 2

It was a pleasure to be asked by Marianne to judge Levels 1 and 2 at Wellingborough Rugby Club, alongside Nicky Hambli

We had a briefing, set up the first 2 areas and we were ready.
I started inside with tables and chairs. There were some very good searches with. With most teams calling on the correct chair.
Then We moved on to boxes and bags. The scent was put in the handle of a Large bag. Unfortunately this caught quite a few teams out.

Nicky judged the outside Level 1.

1st Rebecca and Shadow
2nd Diane and Boris
3rd Lisa and Dottie
4th Liz and Groot
Well done to you all, it was a pleasure to judge you all and I look forward to seeing you go up,though the levels.

Level 2
It rained and rained all our paperwork was disintegrating and we were soaked. This was my time to judge outside.

We started off with outside search. Most found the scents, which were on a hose pipe reel and the handle of a shovel.
Then we moved onto the final search. Vehicle and wall. This posed problems for quite a few teams. Especially the wall.
By now it was torrential rain. Although the dogs didn’t seem bothered, some of the handlers struggled.

1st Jane and Nell
2nd Bettina and Oscar
3rd Lynda and Flo
4th Alison and Ellie
Well done to you all.

Thankyou toJane my incredible scribe who kept me on track all day.

Trial managers report – Wellingborough 16th March 2022

My first trial since lockdown and apart from the continuos rain it was a great day.
We had level 1 in the morning and level 2 after lunch.
My two judges Sue Ann Benson and Nicky Hamlin both did a great job, ensuring all competitors were happy and at ease before their turn for each search.
Jane Meadows and Helen Kennedy were the two scribes. A huge thank you to both judges and scribes as we could not put these trials on without them.
Sadly the rain started around midday and did not stop all afternoon. All went home drenched!!! But it did not dampen anyones spirits.
Looking forward to seeing level 1’s and 2’s again and watching their progress moving up the levels.

Marianne – Trial manager

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