Wed 18 Dec 2019, Romsley

Level 2: Judges - Ellen Ward Lindley and Harry Latusek
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Rachel Richards & Chip20537205262055120535100149
2Sarah Eccleston & Bella20525205232057420544100166
3Anne Johnson & Ellie205402053520556204.958999.95220
4Ruby Kwok & Boo Boo2053920526204.91392056099.9264
5Joanne Andrews & Cora204.88420521205392054499.8188
6Deb Atkins & Belle204.97820520204.75782053699.65212
7Julie Cox & Edith2057420548204.7132204.955899.65312
8Sue Lander & Rolo20537204.525205402054599.5147
9Paula Warwicker & Ludo2052920531204.968104.954989.85177
10Michelle Rodgers & Loki204.94720547204.954104.957789.75225
11Katie Dew & Red205422052620579104.756389.75210
12Fiona Vaughan & Dot204.962104.9535204.751332054889.6278

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Scentwork UK Level 2 Judges Report

First off I would like to thank Karen Denton for asking me to judge for her. Also thanks to my Co Judge Harry Latusek, and to Peter for running for the trial. I was tasked with Boxes & Luggage, and the exterior search, so we started with Boxes & Luggage.

The scent was hidden on a triangular box to the right of the search and the 2nd scent was hidden on a black bag in the centre of the search area. 11/12 teams found both hides, well within the time allowed. They were Deb & Belle, Jo & Cora, Ruby & Boo Boo, Sue & Rolo, Fiona & Dot, Julie & Edith, Sara & Bella, Anne & Ellie and Rachel & Chip. 3/12 teams found one hide and they were Katie & Red, Michelle & Loki and Paula & Ludo.

Then it was to the Exterior Item search, which was held around the side of the building. The first scent was hidden on a plastic basket to the right of the search area, the 2nd was hidden in a vacuum head to the left of the search area. 11/12 teams were 100% successful and they were Michelle & Loki, Deb & Belle, Jo & Cora, Anne & Ellie, Katie & Red, Ruby & Boo Boo, Paula & Ludo, Sue & Rolo, Julie & Edith, Sarah & Bella and Rachel & Chip. 1 team found 1 item and that was Fiona & Dot.

It really was a pleasure watching the teams work, the dogs were all keen to do the job at hand but there was no trashing of any of the items. The handlers worked the areas well, remembering what items their dogs had searched and directing them on to items they hadn’t yet covered. The handling skills well surpassed the level required to pass at level 2, which is probably why all 12 teams qualified this day.

Into the ribbons were 1st Rachel & Chip, 2nd Sarah & Bella, 3rd Anne & Ellie & 4th to Ruby & Boo Boo. Qualifiers were Joanna & Cora, Deb & Belle, Julie & Edith, Sue & Rolo, Paula & Ludo, Michelle & Loki, Katie & Red and Fiona & Dot.

A massive well done to everyone who took part, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Keep up the hard work guys.

Ali Brannen

Thankyou Karen for inviting me along to Judge this level 2 at Romsley,my co-Judge on the day being my good friend,Ali Brannen.A big thankyou to my lovely scribe,Helen Reaney,who did an excellent job.Thankyou to Peter Jeffries,he did a wonderful job,keeping the judges happy,the teams being in the right place at the right time.
We were lucky with the weather,No rain just a little nippy with a cold wind.
I was tasked with judging the vehicles and tables/chairs and perimeter searches.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

The three vehicles I used, were lined up side by side,on hard standing to the front of the main building and start line.The cloves scents I hid in a wheel nut of the rear passenger side wheel ,of vehicle 1,the 2nd in a wheelnut ,of the front passenger side wheel of vehicle 3.The middle vehicle,obviously being left clean.I’m pleased to say all teams worked in harmony,identifying both scents reasonably easy.Lovely teamwork,good solid indications by the vast majority.Super quick times by,Jo and Cora,Sue and Rolo,Rachel and chip and Michelle and Loki,in 39,40,51 and 54 seconds respectively.

Tables/Chairs and perimeter
I arranged the tables and chairs in a square pattern,placing the cloves scent underneath the furthest away chair to the left.The perimeter was set up around 3 sides of the room,placing out some 10 articles.I hid the scent underneath a blue plastic child’s chair,this had a couple of narrow slits in the seating area,allowing the scent to escape.Overall some excellent handling and indications given by all of the 12 teams.Super fast times shown by,Sarah and Bella,Paula and Ludo,Sue and Rolo and Rachel and Chip in,25,29,37 and 37 seconds respectively.Also worthy of note,were Anne and Ellie,,Katie and Red,(Loved this little dog,chattering away to Katie throughout), Julie and Edith,lovely understanding and teamwork shown by these three.
For a level 2 trial,I was very impressed by the high standard,you can give all your trainers,and yourselves,a pat on the back.All 12 teams qualified on the day and my congratulations go our 4 eventual Rosette winners,1)Rachel and Chip.2)Sarah and Bella.3).Anne and Ellie.4)Ruby and Boo Boo.Excellent awards going to Jo and Cora and Katie and Red.We had 4 clean sweeps in addition to the four placed teams.
As I said on the day,with the standard of teams coming through,I’m glad I’m out of level 2.
I wish you the very best in your future trials,I hope to see some of you again,if not all,at sometime in the future.

Trial Manager’s report

We had a breezy but dry and cold day today. Ali and Harry, my judges, were already at the venue by the time I got there and the dog and handler teams were arriving from far and wide with the usual enthusiasm and good humour to participate in this Level 2 trial. Ali and Harry set up, the white dog was run and we started with the Bags & Boxes and the Vehicle Search. The standard was very high with most teams having competed in a Level 2 before. There was very little trashing of boxes and no paws on the paintwork of the cars. There were also some beautiful indications so many handlers should be very pleased with their training of this behaviour.

Then Ali and Harry swapped over so they’d both had an indoor and an outdoor search and we did the Exterior search and Tables/Chairs & Perimeter next. Harry informed me that once again the handlers and dogs did very well on his indoor search as they had on the vehicles. I was scribing for Ali and this was repeated during our outside area too. Unfortunately the competitors don’t have the opportunity to sit inside while they wait for their turn at Romsley but on the upside the exterior search area is behind a locked gate where the public can’t take their dogs so there is virtually no doggy odour to distract the dogs who like to sniff out who’s been there before! As such, there was some super speedy searching and some super speedy times to record.

I think the dog/handler teams enjoyed the day which was very satisfying for us all as everyone qualified! Well done folks! A special mention must go to Jo & Cora and Katie & Red who were both awarded with their Excellent title today. Huge congratulations to Rachel & Chip who took 1st place and the runners up who were Sarah & Bella 2nd, Anne & Ellie 3rd and Ruby & Boo Boo who came fourth. There were many Clean Sweeps today reflecting the high standard so congratulations to all!

Of course none of this would be possible without the good will of the judges, scribes and runner giving up their free time so
a massive thanks to Ali and Harry for judging for me, to Helen Reaney for scribing and to Peter Jeffries for being our runner and making sure that all dogs were kept safe and were where they should be!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Karen Denton

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