Wed 19 Oct 2022, Keysoe

Level 5: Judge - Jo Crosby-Deacon

The Fox. Keysoe Row West, Keysoe, Bedfordshire MK44 2JJ

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report
I was excited to be invited to judge a Level 5 and even more excited when I arrived at the amazing venue.
This was a little outside the usual venue type for a Level 5 trial as it was at Julies amazing home and so we utilised the tack room, barn and menage for the searches.
The weather was kind to us, nice breeze and bright.
The tack room was the first interior search and though spotlessly clean and probably the tidiest tack room I have ever seen, it was a small space which would mean odour would merge and mingle. I placed 5 hides in this small space which the teams worked with ease.
Interior 2 was a 3 sided barn with nothing in it but a quad and a mower. This was quite a large space and it all looked the same, 3 hides were placed, one in the back bar of the quad which was open both ends, one in the base of the wall behind some wooden planks and the last and the one that caught several people out was at the very end of the barn wall.
The exterior search I chose a part of the menage which had various items in it such as barrells, fencing and other horsey stuff (that I know nothing about) 4 hides in this space and a difficult space to clear. The teams worked well but a special mention has to go to Kelly & Rosie as that little dog worked it’s socks off in that space.
A wonderful day and some great teams to watch.
Exterior was the menage

trial manager – Marianne Tembey

Our first trial at this fabulous new venue. Jo Crosby-Deakin came to judge and set an excellent level 5 challenge.

The weather was kind to us.

We got started on the first interior search which had 5 finds. Most teams finding all five.

Interior two was different for most dogs as it had a quad bike in it. There were 3 finds in here and only two teams finding the hide in the corner.

The exterior search then had 4 finds. As this property is securely fenced handlers felt safe in letting their dogs search off lead. Again a hide in a corner caused 8 of the dogs to miss that hide. Again a different exterior search as it was in a menage and included lots of different items.

The exercise area was just fabulous as again it is fully fenced so dogs could have a good run.

Huge thank you to Jo Crosby-Deakin for judging and setting a cracking level 5. Also a massive thank you to Julie Fletcher for allowing us to use this fabulous venue and for providing hot drinks and cakes. Plus thank you to Julie Fletcher and Vicky Cartwright for scribing.

I was the runner but at level 5 everyone knows what they are doing so made my job really easy. Thank you.

Congratulations to all the competitors who qualified and well done to the ones who did not quite make it today.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon on our next trial at Keysoe.

Trial manager – Marianne Tembey

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