Wed 20 Jul 2022, Marston Moreteyne

Levels 4 & 7: Judge - Harry Latusek

Beancroft Farm, Beancroft Road, Marston Moreteyne, Bedfordshire MK430QE

Start: L4 – 9.15am; L7 – 1:15pm.
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Emma Conlisk

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Following a short lunch break I moved on to judge the level 7 trial,10 teams had entered,but for one reason or another only 6 competed on the day.
All handlers were shown the 3 search areas and given the oppertunity to ask questions.
I commenced with interior 1
This was the kitchen area and a long corridor lead of it.
I placed out 3 scents here,made up,of cloves,gun and truffle.
These were all hidden reasonably low,on a radiator,and 2 on door frames.
All teams as I would have expected giving a good display of themselves.All but 1 found all 3 hidden scents.
Melanie and Rowan being the only team to call clear in under 2 minutes.

I chose the enclosed patio area for this search,which consisted of 6 hides,2 gun,2 truffle and 2 cloves.
This patio area,I think,is a judges dream.All sorts of training aids dotted around(all clean,I might add).Doors,walls and ledges.
As an extra,incase the teams got tired,I set up some picnic tables and chairs in the middle.
This area proved a little more tasking for the teams,with only Stacey and Bella finding all 6 and calling the all clear within the time limit.
4 of the teams found 5 and one finding 3.
That said,some lovely work shown during the searches.

Interior 2
Moving into the main hall,I thought I would place out the remaining 3 scents along 1 wall,making it I thought, fairly straight forward.
I chose to hide 1 gun,1 truffle and the remaining cloves scent on 2 radiators and underneath an electric plug socket.There was approx 2 meters between each hide.
I was wrong again,whether this was down to the dogs/handlers becoming a little weary, or maybe just over thinking the search.
Leading the way home our eventual winner Stacey and Bella,finding all 3 with relative ease with some 20 seconds to spare.
Rebecca and Marvel giving a good display,finding all 3 in the allotted 3 minutes.
Three of teams found 2 and one finding only 1.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…
1…Stacey and Bella(clean sweep,finding all 12 hidden scents). …2 …Melanie and Rowan …3rd…Rebecca and Marvel…4th…Helen and Preston
Well done to all of you,it was my pleasure to judge you .

Thankyou Emma for inviting me along to judge a level 4 and 7 trial.
There were 12 entrants in the level trial and I commenced with the vehicle search.
3 vehicles were lined up nose to tail on the entrance driveway to the main house .All along the offside of the vehicles ran a nice grassy bank with some trees conveniently dotted here and there,this provided not only a distraction but a nice shaded area for the vehicles.
I hid the scents,gun oil in the front number plate of vehicle 1 and cloves in the rear offside wheel of vehicle 2.
These teams were on form,with 11 of the 12 correctly finding both relatively easy.Nice searching and handling shown by Lisa and Dottie and Dawn and Chance in some 44 and 51 seconds respectively.

Tables/chairs and perimeter
2 tables and 8 chairs were set up,here in the centre of the main hall.
Several articles were laid out around the perimeter.Both distraction scents,shampoo and coffee, were hidden within these articles,1 on the left wall and 1 on the right.
The gun and cloves scents were both concealed on the leg of the nearest table to the left, and the leg of the furthest table to the right.
A different kettle of fish here with only 5 of the teams correctly finding both,and 7 only finding one.
The shampoo distraction,which was hidden in a coffee maker catching a few of the dogs out.
Excellent displays here again by Lisa and Dottie,Margaret and Time and Teresa and Archie.

I laid out some 14 items in the enclosed patio area adjoining the main hall.Distractions were hidden in a watering can and a toy cart.These were tea and peppermint.
The 2 scents were both concealed inside shoes and placed at opposite ends of the search area.
7 of the teams giving a good account of themselves finding both scents.
Lovely handling and searching by Lisa and Dottie,Karen and Jet and Nicky and Bong.
The remaining 5 teams finding 1 scent,of these,3 false calls on the peppermint distraction and 1 on tea.

Boxes and luggage
13 boxes/ bags were laid out in the main hall.
Cloves and gun oil were concealed in 2 bags and placed on the right and left of the start line.
Peppermint and coffee were used as the distractions and hidden with 2 boxes.
Some nice work shown here by,Margaret and Time,Karen and Jet,Dawn and Chance and Sarah and Teddyetna.
8 of the teams Were successfull here .Three others being caught out once again by the peppermint distraction.
Doctor Oatcake has a lot to answer for here…

Overall some lovely handling and searching shown all round.I couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend a morning.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…
1st…Lisa and Dottie…2nd…Margaret and Time…3rd…Teresa and Archie…4th…Karen and Jet…
Good luck to you all and hopefully our paths will cross again at sometime in the future.

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