Wed 23 Mar 2022, Wellingborough

Level 6: Judge - Sue Abbott-Dixon

Wellingborough Rugby Club Cut Throat La, Wellingborough NN29 7TZ

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Sue Abbott-dixon

It was lovely to be invited to Judge at such a great venue, that allowed me the opportunity to lay some nice big areas that enabled the dogs to work freely. They were all a joy to watch.
The 1st area, was a nice long corridor, with a couple of changing rooms.
The teams worked the area well, and the dogs were focused and prepared to do their job.
Brace was 1st, and started how she meant to go on, with a flawless performance in just over 2 minutes.
Sara reads Tias body language so well, and let her do her job without interference. And Pam trusted Willows commitment to odour, so gave her the freedom to follow the Truffle Oil to source. Nicely done Willow.
Preston clearly had no idea he was running N.F.C, as he decided to show us all how it should be done, and cleared the area in 99 seconds !!
The Exterior was great. We made use of the little grandstand, and borrowed 3 of the many picnic tables on offer.
Peanut was 1st up, and was “on fire” what a joy to watch. With Laura by his side, they completed a text book search.
Tiva was stunning to watch in the grandstand too.
Lola tracked into one of the Clove scents so beautifully, it was lovely to see, Paddys commitment to get to source on the Truffle table was amazing. And little Ghost decided to go for artistic points too, as why indicate from the floor when you can go up !!. Beautiful indications Ghost.
The final area, I opted for 1 changing room. We had been blessed with a beautiful sunny day, so some of the dogs were warm and tired, so this nice cool room, was a perfect option.
Luther, Willow, Ghost, and Preston were flawless, as was Amber who decided one room was way to easy, and cleared it in 70 seconds.
And Val and Brace decided to finish on a cliff hanger, leaving it until the last few seconds to indicate on the final scent.
I want to mention little Bella too, running N.F.C . What a fabulous little girlie, she had a faultless day, and her commitment to scent was undeniably.
I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did. Thank you to everyone involved. Hope to see you all again soon.

Trial Managers report – Wellingborough 23rd March 2022

Beautiful sunny day for our level 6 trial at Wellingborough.
Sue Abbott-Dixon was the judge and Jane Meadows the scribe. Both did a superb job.
Both interior searches were in the Rugby clubs changing rooms. A slightly different search to most village halls so it gave the dogs and handlers something to think about. The exterior search was in the pavilion and some picnic tables just outside.
Sue set some cracking level 6 searches and all the dogs stepped up to the mark, with every one qualifying. We also had a couple of dogs running NFC but they also would have qualified.
Always happy to run trials at this venue as there is so much space for parking and exercising the dogs as well as lots of choice for the different searches.
I was doing the running but as all the handlers were experienced I did not have much to do. So it was really lovely to be able to chat to everyone and meet some new people.
Thank you to all who attended and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Marianne – trial manager

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