Wed 25 May 2022, Haynes

Levels 2 & 6:
Judges - L2 - Sarah Connatty & Emma Conlisk, L6 - Harry Latusek

West St, Lilley, LU2 8LH

Start: L2 1000, L6 1300
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou to Stacey for inviting me along to judge this level 6 at Haynes.A big Thankyou also to my lovely scribe,Jayne.
It was a pleasant day,dry with sunny intervals.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.All competitors were allowed to walk the 3 search areas,and any queries duly answered.
Owing to the morning level 2 running a little late,it was decided to commence with interior search 2.
Interior 2
This was set up in the changing rooms and shower block area.Made up of an entrance area,2 changing rooms and a shower room.
I hid 2 scents in the one changing room.Number 1,gun oil,immediately on entering ,on a leg of a bench,number 2,cloves,on a bench leg half way along the room next to a fire bucket.
8 of the 12 competing teams found this challenge no problem.We had 4 teams finding both in around 3O seconds.These were,Emma and

Murphy,Anne and Gabriella,Jan and Mattie and Allison and Lola.A good display all round,with Nikki and Theo creeping in close behind….

This was set up along the front the building,including the walled area,drain pipes,doors and tarmac parking area.Also bringing in the foyer ,come entrance to the main building.I also placed out around 4 items on the tarmac.
I laid out some 4 hides,made up of 2 truffle,1 gun oil and 1 cloves.
Number one was hidden in the brickwork,in a corner in the foyer.Number 2 in the bottom corner of a door.Number 3 and 4 , if I chose to hide on the car park,tarmac area.1 was placed inside a short length of piping and the other in a hole in a manhole cover.
8 of the teams finding all 4 with ease.Some lovely searching of lead,shown by, Ruth and Dot and Allison and Lola.Excellent teamwork by Jan and Mattie and good systematic search shown by Nikki and Theo,finding all 4 in 64 seconds…

Interior 1
Moving on to interior search one.This comprised of the main entrance to the building,a room of to the left and the disabled toilet area.
This was to contain the final 6 hides,which were made up of all 3 scents.
This appeared to be the most difficult search of the day.After running the white dog,6 minutes were allocated.
The hides were placed,under a plug socket,a radiator pipe,a table leg,a cupboard door,behind a water pipe on a wall some 12” from ground level in an alcove and finally,on piping in a corner within the disabled toilet.
A mixed bag here,with 4 finding 5 scents,7 finding 4 and the other team finding 3.The 2 hidden scents causing the most problem were,the one under the socket and the other in the disabled toilet.
Overall I think a good day out for the competing teams and some wonderful searching and handling by the the majority.
We had 9 of the 12 teams qualifying.


Thank you to Stacey for the invitation to judge this level 2 to Emma for such efficient scribing and to all the competitors for the pleasure of watching your dogs working.
Handling in the main was of a really good standard and it was lovely to see the teams I have judged at Level 1 steadily improving and growing in confidence.
Congratulations to Jill and Bryce on your well deserved win to Bev and Tye 2nd and gaining Ex, Lisa and Dottie and Emma and Rupert 3rd and 4th respectively and to everyone who qualified.

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