Wed 26 Jul 2023, Haynes

Level 5: Judge - Stacey Robinson

Haynes Village Hall, 25 Northwood End Rd, Haynes, Bedford MK45 3QB

Start: 18:00
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Katherine Miell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Stacey Robinson

L5 Judges Report
An evening trial always seems to be quite enjoyable 🙂

The exterior search was first on due to the inclement weather predicted, and boy were we glad we did that when the rain came in just as we were finishing the exterior!

Exterior Search – 5 hides, 5minutes
This included a 20m stretch of wall inc alcove, a pallet and a vehicle. The vehicle had two hides, one on the front bumper, one on the rear passenger mud flap. There were 3 hides on the wall, one approx 3inches high (clove) 1m from the end, one approx 2m further along at ground level (gun) and one in the vent by the black pipe (gun). All hides were found with different teams missing different hides. The one proving trickiest for the final teams was in the vent by the black pipe as rain fall from the roof was creating an issue 50cm away so teams avoided searching that area properly. Many teams new to area searches, spent a little too long on the blank pallet and in the alcove and often returned here when time warnings were given, because “there must be a hide in it or why would it be included?”
In general, it was a testing area, requiring teams to search methodically to find all 5.

Interior 1 – 3hides, 4mins
This search was set using approx 1/2 the main hall perimeter with one hide in the first corner of the hall as you entered the double doors, with a second hide 30cm high on the door frame 3m along. There was then lots of blank space around the perimeter to the final hide on the bottom step of the stage.
All teams found the stage hide, with the rest split evenly on which of the two close hides they found. Special mention here to Val & Pip – the only team to find all 3, and in just 115 seconds. With a bit of luck choosing to go clockwise, and text book searching, they only needed to go 2/3 of the way round the search to succeed.

Interior 2 – 4 hides, 3.5mins
This was a small area. Using 3m of wall and the end part of the stage, and the first room and cupboards of the changing rooms. An early clove hide on the radiator, with gun oil in the other end, a clove hide on the stage stairs and a clove hide in a box in the busy storage room. Four teams successfully found all four hides, with those missing one, again getting a little too tied into a small area.

A first level 5 to a few here, and some learning points to take away but overall, a successful evening.

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