Wed 26 May 2021, Hillingdon

Level 3: Judge - Lynn Bell

The Scout Hut, Micawber Avenue, HIllingdon, UB8 3NZ

Start: Various from 9.30
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Best Paw Forward Dog Training Club
Trial will be held under Covid safe guidelines. Competitors will be divided into groups of 5. We will advise of your start time prior to the trial.
All entrants must confirm that they have read and understood the Covid 19 guidelines

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly, I must congratulate the team on their efficient, yet understanding approach to organising the trial. Jacky, my very professional scribe, enabled the searches to progress smoothly. The Covid rules do make the days far more difficult to manage and I am sure everyone taking part appreciated the work of the runners without whom the day would not run so well.

The goal for the searches was to provide challenging, yet realistic searches for the dogs and handlers. The vehicle search did prove to be the one which many found the most difficult. The white dogs that checked all the searches did not have any problems. But that is scentwork trials for you. Sometimes one search does seem more tricky. Although, boxes and luggage – for many always the nightmare one – did come a close second. Many handlers held their nerve and waited for the right alert from their dogs. I was particularly impressed how some of the dogs on the tables and chairs worked the odour back to source, their handlers managing the process so well. For the perimeter search, the odour was hidden in a door frame. Some dogs just went straight there, others were fixated on objects. But this is where the handler becomes part of the team. Working together it was good to see many locate the spot and have a successful search.

I do think that months of lockdowns and most training done at home, or on ‘on-line’ courses, did play a part. It is not quite the same as getting into the Halls and new locations. Some sailed through with great confidence, whilst others certainly felt the nerves. And it was not just the handlers, some had the added pressure of their dogs being over excited about getting out again. Getting the dogs to focus did create a few anxious moments for some. But I very much enjoyed watching dogs and handlers enjoy the day.

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