Wed 27 Jul 2022, Haynes

Level 6: Judge - Harry Latusek

Haynes Village Hall, MK45 3QB

Start: 10:00
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou Stacey for your invite back to Haynes to judge this level 6 trial.A lovely warm day with very little breeze.
We had 2 withdrawals,leaving us with 10 competing teams.Thankyou also to Leanne who stood in as my scribe for the day.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

Interior 1
This search area consisted of the main entrance hallway to the building,which incorporated a small cloakroom area.A further medium sized room led of the left.
I chose to conceal 5 scentss,made up of 2 truffle,2 cloves and 1 gun oil.
1 placed an early hide at the bottom of a cupboard,on the left as they entered the search area.This proved to be a problem for 5 of the teams who failed to find this one.2 other hides were placed in the room,with the remains 2 hidden in the main hall entrance.A mixed bag with 3 finding all 5,4 finding 4 and the remains 3 finding 3.
Excellent systematic searching by Vanessa and Lola,finding all in under 3 minutes.Hot on their heels with a good display were Anne and Missy and Ruth and Dot.

This was set up at the side of the building,on a grass surface and adjoining the large park recreation area.
This area consisted of a length of wall,incorporating a doorway and drain pipes.Also sited in this area were 3 large commercial recycling bins.A large green metal box was present,this measured approx 2x 2 x1 metres .A vehicle was placed in the middle of the search area.
2 hides,cloves and gun oil were hidden low on the wheel of one of bins and the other on the green box.The 3rd hide was placed behind the drainpipe,some 18 “ from ground level.
5 teams were successful here,finding all fairly comfortably.Once more the early hide on the bin causing a problem with 3 of the dogs failing to identify it.
Excellent display of handling and searching here by the 5 teams who found all of the scents.

Interior 2
This was set up in the changing rooms and shower block,also a small entrance foyer which had several doors and radiator within.
2 cloves,1 gun and 1 truffle scents were used,being placed,1 in the doorway and 1 on a radiator in the foyer area.
The other 2 were hidden in one of the changing rooms,on a sand fire bucket and under a bench.
4 minutes were allocated for the search.
Lovely searching here with 8 of the teams finding all 4 in around, and below 3 minutes.The remaining 2 dogs finding 3,the early hide on the door frame again proving to be the culprit.

Overall a lovely display of search and handling,my pleasure to judge.
The only 2 points of note I’d like to add ,are: It was very obvious that some of the dogs were cutting the corners, and be wary,very wary of early hides.
I wish you all success in your future trials,and hope to meet up with some,if not all,of you at sometime in the future.

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