Wed 27th Nov 2019, Romsley

Level 5: Judge - Ali Brannen
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedP+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Harry Latusek & Zack050100288030100790401001350120300150502
2Kate Osborn & Kiwi04000.25300130100760401001881110200.25129.75564
3Sue Taylor & Sunny14000.253000301001540401001241110200.25129.75578
4Jackie Hodge & Lima05010026112000.251800401001721110200.25129.75613
5Collette Guy & Lola14000.25300030100151040100.252301110200.5129.5681
6Jan Martin & Amber050100.2522102000.51800401002000110200.75129.25601
7Jean Tuck & Zac24001300130100.251700401001793110201.25128.75649
8Alan Clancy & Rhum14000.530012000.251800401001892100100.75109.25669
9Carole Millington & Teddy150100.2525102000.2518003000.252401100100.75109.25671

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report

First I would like to thank Karen Denton for asking me to judge this trial, Liz Beaumont for scribing for me and Peter Jeffries, who kept the trial flowing smoothly.

We started with Interior 1 which was held in the main hall. I placed 5 hides out and they were (from left to right) bottom of a cupboard door, a plug socket, the base of a fire extinguisher, corner of a bench and the frame of a door. There was no particular hide in this search area that teams found difficult, the hides missed by teams was quite random. 4/11 teams found all 5 hides and they were Harry & Zack, Jan & Amber, Carole & Teddy and Jackie & Lima. The remaining 7 teams found 4 of the hides and they were Kate & Kiwi, Alan & Rhum, Sue & Sunny, Collette & Lola, Jean & Zac, Sheila & Zak and Gloria & Jade.

Then it was on to the exterior search. 4 hides were put out and they were bottom of a door step, Drain pipe, 3rd railing upright and a door stop. The most missed hide was the drain pipe, as teams tended to search around the area without detailing there dogs into the space. 8/11 teams found all 4 and they were Jackie & Lima, Harry & Zack, Jean & Zac, Collette & Lola, Kate & Kiwi, Alan & Rhum, Sue & Sunny and Jan & Amber. 2/11 teams found 3 hides and they were Carole & Teddy, and Gloria & Jade. Only 1 team found 1 hide.

Lastly it was interior 2, this was held in a small meeting room. 3 hides were placed and they were crack in a door frame, trolley wheel & a concertina door. The most missed hide in this area was the door frame. 5/11 teams found all 3 and they were Kate & Kiwi, Collette & Lola, Sue & Sunny, Harry & Zack and Jean & Zac. 4/11 found 2 hides and they were Jackie & Lima, Jan & Amber, Alan & Rhum and Carole & Teddy. 2/11 teams found 1 hide and they were Sheila & Zak and Gloria & Jade.

I was genuinely impressed by the teams at this trial. Everyone worked to a very high standard and showed off some lovely handling skills, The dogs were all kept under control, there was no trashing and no jumping all over the scribe and trials manager which I was pleased about. So well done everyone.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers. Placing were 1st place Harry & Zack, 2nd Kate & Kiwi, 3rd Sue & Sunny and 4th to Jackie & Lima. Well done also to Collette & Lola, Jan & Amber, Jean & Zac, Alan & Rhum and Carole & Teddy who all qualified for their level 5.

Keep up the hard work everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

It was a cold and drizzly day for my second Level 5 Trial in two weeks. Ali Brannen judged the Trial and Liz Beaumont scribed. Peter Jeffries was runner.

We had 11 dog/handler teams and we got cracking on time with the first Interior search. Ali used the main hall for this and put out 5 hides. Most people worked to the full time allocation and most did very well here.

The Exterior was next where there were four hides. Again there were good results in this area.

Ali set an interesting second interior search by using quite a small meeting room where there were three hides. Here folk had to negotiate and navigate around a large table with several chairs around it. Handling skills came into play as the area was tight for space but most did well here too.

Folk were able to thaw out during the second and third search areas by sitting in the foyer which was very warm.

We had 9 out of 11 competitors qualifying with Harry & Zack taking 1st place with a clean sweep across the board, Kate & Kiwi coming 2nd and gaining Excellence, Sue & Sunny coming 3rd and Jackie & Lima coming 4th and also achieving Excellence. Very well done folks!

Many thanks to Ali for giving up her day to judge this Trial and for her feedback to each person after every search. Thanks also to my other helpers Liz and Peter.

Another Trial done and dusted and another Level 5 experience under the belts of those wanting to progress to the higher
levels. I hope you all enjoyed the Trial and had a good journey home.

See you the next time.

Karen Denton
Trial Manager

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