Richings Park, Iver Vanessa Bonner 15 May 2024
Richings Park, Iver Vanessa Bonner 5 May 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Richings Park, Iver
Levels: Levels 3/4
Judge/s: L3 Helen Hankins/Emily Meadows L4 Helen Hankins/Vanessa Bonner
Contact for Trial Manager: | 07908 721787


Judges Report

Level 3
Congratulations to Joanne Bow and Poppy coming 1st in L3 and gaining their Excellence Award. Joanne and Lindsey with Morse (2nd Place) both had clean sweeps. Sue White with Puffin (3rd) missed out on their clean sweep as Puffin decided to scratch out the odour and flick it cross the path by the wall search. Congratulations also to Alan Clark with Dylan (4th).
This was the first L3 for some of the competitors and this showed in the results as some particularly struggled with the gun oil. It was pleasure to watch the teams working together. Well done everyone.
Level 4
Congratulations to Laura Ward and Neo gaining 1st Place with a clean sweep. Deborah and Jonesey 2nd and Sarah and Merlin 3rd.
With the TCP search the clove hide was under the seat at the back of the first chair on the righthand side. The second odour, gun oil, was on the table near the serving hatch placed under the back righthand table leg. Part of the velcro was exposed and only Laura with Neo and Shirley with Banjo found it. None of the other dogs searched low and so this is an area that handlers need to address.
For the external search the gun oil was on the loop of the BBQ glove and the clove on the cycle helmet. Again, some of the teams had difficulty with the gun oil. Hopefully those who struggled will work on these areas to help them with their next trial.
Distraction odours caused very few issues,
It was lovely to meet everyone and to watch you all work so hard with your dogs. Well done.
Helen Hankins

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Judges Report