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2nd nose

Jacobson's organ

Dogs have a “second nose” called the Jacobson’s organ, enhancing their scent-detection capabilities.

300 A dog's nose has as many as 300 million olfactory receptors, compared to a human's 6 million.

+ 10,000

more acute than humans

A dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than humans.

Dogs Nose

Sniff Your Way to Success:
The Thrilling Point System of Scentwork UK!

Get ready for an exciting adventure at Scentwork UK! Each time you and your furry friend join a trial, you collect valuable points. To snag that coveted excellence title at each level, aim for a total of 20 points. Here’s how the fun scoring system works:

  • Strike gold in 1st place and score a whopping 10 points!
  • Secure a solid 2nd and grab 8 points!
  • Land in 3rd and earn a respectable 6 points!
  • Coming in 4th gets you a neat 4 points!
  • Score a ‘Clean Sweep’ (finding all the hides without being in the top 4) for an extra 2 points!
  • Score a ’Perfect Bonus’ (hitting the maximum possible score by finding all the hides without dropping any Handling points) for an extra 2 points!
  • Even if you don’t find all the hides but still qualify, you bag 1 point! 

The best part? Moving up to the next level doesn’t require an excellence title. As long as you qualify once and feel you and your dog are ready for more, you can progress to the next challenge! Enjoy your journey with Scentwork UK

Let's Play by the Rules:
A Fun-Filled Guide to Our Game!

Here are the rules to amp up the fun:

  1. Teamwork is vital: You and your dog must register as a team to earn points.
  2. Aim for the stars: Once your dynamic duo racks up 20 points at any level, you can stay at that level as Not For Competition (NFC). But remember, you will not accrue points or receive rosettes when in NFC status.
  3. Ready for a new challenge? It’s optional to accumulate 20 points before moving up. If you’ve passed/qualified at your current level and feel ready for more, go for it!
  4. Teams can gain points in two levels simultaneously but qualifications in Levels must be achieved in order.
  5. Starting fresh: On moving up, your ‘Excellent’ points stay behind. Your team begins the new level with a clean slate, ready to earn more points.
  6. Mix and match. If a dog has already progressed from any level, they must start again at Level 1 with a new unqualified handler. If a handler has progressed from any level they must start at Level 1 again with a new unqualified dog.
  7. Moving as a seasoned Team. If both dog and handler in the new team have already previously qualified, they can choose to start again at the lower level of qualification. 
    Therefore if the levels achieved by dog and handler differ, the team must NOT start at the higher level.

    Dog qualified L5. Handler qualified L3.
    HIGHEST ENTRY AS A TEAM IS L3. Once qualified at L3, team can also gain points in L4.
    Dog qualified L2. Handler qualified L8.
    HIGHEST ENTRY AS A TEAM IS L2. Once qualified at L2, team can also gain points in L3. 
    Dog qualified L5. Handler qualified L5
    HIGHEST ENTRY AS A TEAM IS L5. Once qualified at L5, team can also gain points in L6.

Let’s embark on this fun-filled, point-scoring adventure together!