Selsey, Chichester 21/06/2024 Helen Byrne 21 June 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Selsey, Chichester 21/06/2024
Levels: Level 1
Judge/s: Heather Hall
Contact for Trial Manager: |


Trial Manager Report

What a glorious day for a trial! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
Massive thanks again to Heather, our fantastic judge, Gina our queen of scribes and Rog for keeping everyone in order and on time. Without them I really couldn’t have put this trial on.
3 teams couldn’t be with us today. I hope Julie is feeling better soon and Jacquie, your car is sorted out quickly for you.
Congratulations to you all for qualifying and especially to our rosette winners.
Thank you all for coming ‘south’ and I hope to see you again. In the meantime continue enjoying this wonderful game.

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