SWUK Registration admin 16 June 2023

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Scentwork UK! Picture a country-wide adventure where our paw-some friends compete in exciting trials across the UK. Fancy joining in on the fun? Just £7.50 gets you an annual registration, putting you in the sniffing squad with a heap of other fellow competitors.

Best part? You can let as many of your furry buddies join as you’d like, with the third pup getting in for absolutely free! To get your tail-wagging pals signed up, simply fill out our form and we’ll get your pack on board in no time. Use this form for 3rd Dog Registration.

Once you’re part of the crew, you can enter any trial that tickles your fancy. Plus, you’ll get your very own profile page where you can keep tabs on your membership status. Don’t worry about forgetting to renew – we’ve got your back. A month before your membership is due to end, we’ll drop you a reminder.

Just a heads-up, if your membership lapses, you’ll need to reapply before you can join in the fun again. So, ready for some high-energy, nose-led adventures? Happy sniffing!

2nd Dog Sign Up – Make sure you are signed in and then add your ‘2nd Dog’s Name’. Your username and password will stay the same.