Complaint against Competitor

Procedure for dealing with Complaints against Competitors


This complaints procedure has been produced by SWUK to provide a transparent process for managing complaints that may arise from SWUK competitive trials.

If an Incident is made by Trial Officials or a Competitor against another competitor or person attending a SWUK trial as a spectator, then this should be brought to the attention of the SWUK Focus Group at the earliest possibility for the complaint to be dealt with.

All Complaints are to be sent to the Focus Group Complaints Co-ordinator by the Trial Manager, who will also keep a record of the Complaint in their ‘Incident Book’.

Reason For Complaint

To enable the Focus Group Co-ordinator to deal effectively with the complaint the following information should be provided:

  1. Date and location of the trial
  2. Names of Competitor/person at trial (Complaint against)
  3. E-mail address of competitor/person who complaint is against (If known)
  4. Brief details of complaint including names of people and/or dogs involved.
  5. Witnesses (Names & e-mail addresses)

Upon receipt of the complaint a letter will be emailed to the said competitor informing them that an alleged complaint has been received and the nature of the complaint, giving the Competitor/Person 5 working days to reply in writing only, to the alleged incident.

Upon receipt of all the Facts the Focus Group (FG) will convene within 10 working days after which a decision from below will be made.

Possible Outcomes

  • No Action to be taken
  • Written Warning about Future Conduct
  • A xxx Month ban from SWUK Competitions“
  • Written Final Warning about Future Conduct
  • A Life-time ban from SWUK Competitions

After a decision has been made, a written email will be sent to the Competitor, Judge, Trial Manager or scribe confirming the result of the complaint as well as detailing the reasons for the FG decision.


Focus Group Complaints Co-ordinators: