Trial Entries List

Create a list of entries - for trial managers

In the search box, enter Reg ID numbers separated by a comma – e.g. 1003,1009,1089.etc then press the search button and a list of entries will be displayed. A warning will appear for any that are invalid. When complete, press the download CSV button and the list of entries will be downloaded to your computer in spreadsheet format from which you can copy and paste to create running orders and scoresheets saving you from having to type in all the names.

Reg ID :
Reg IDFirst NameLast NameDog's NameStatusExpiry Date
9999 Scentwork UK Admin Current 1st Sep 2022
2957 Kathryn ONeill Rex Current 30th Jun 2023
2956 Bernice Emanuel Twist Current 30th Jun 2023
2955 Caroline Jebb Ben Current 30th Jun 2023
2954 Jo Trott Monty Pending 30th Jun 2022
2953 Jo Trott Monty Pending 30th Jun 2022
2952 Richard Wakefield Bruno Current 29th Jun 2023
2951 Sue Kenvyn Fleur Current 28th Jun 2023
2950 Margaret Law Tyza Current 28th Jun 2023
2949 Stephen Ellis Florence Current 28th Jun 2023