Trial Taster for Beginners

The pre-trial is intended to provide beginners with a taste of Scentwork UK trials and so encourage them to go on to compete in trials proper.

It will allow participants to have a go without feeling the pressure of competition and to experience how a trial is organised.

The ‘Pre-Trial’ can either run as a ‘private’ event or an ‘open’ event the latter of which will be advertised on the ‘Scentwork UK’ website and open to anyone.

The ‘Pre-Trial’ can be run as a separate event or alongside other ‘Scentwork UK’ Levels.

The ‘Pre-trial’ does not have to be judged by a ‘Scentwork UK’ approved judge and maybe judged by the participants trainer.

Certificates, rosettes and any other paperwork can  be sourced by the trials manager or from ‘Scentwork UK’.

Results and points will not be documented by ‘Scentwork UK’ and therefore will not go towards any ‘Excellent’ titles or ‘Dog of the Year’ awards.

The pre-trial is a non-qualifying level and no prior qualifications are required to enter.

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