Target Odours

Cloves, Gun Oil, & Truffle Oil

To compete in Scentwork UK trials dogs will need to search for a “target odour”.

Target odours for competition in Scentwork UK trials are made using 3cm x 3cm (Levels 1-4) 2cm x 2cm (Level 5) cut up sections of black polycotton or polyamide swabs (pieces of cut up socks/pop socks are ideal) and or ‘Velcro’.

In Levels 6 – 8 the articles can consist of any material which has shown to be absorbent to the scent and small enough to be concealed from the handler (see L6 – 8 Judge’s Guidelines)

Target odours can be introduced in training in the following order:

Cloves (“Clove Whole’ – any supermarket brand will do)

Gun Oil (Napiers Gun Oil VP90 125ml bottle)

Truffle Oil (English Truffle Oil – Truffle Hunter 100ml)

How to Prepare:

  • To prepare Clove scented articles, place 10/12 dried cloves in a clean, empty air tight jar. Place 6/8 articles (see above for suitable items appropriate to the Level) on top of the dried cloves and leave at least 2 days. Shake the jar occasionally to ensure even thorough scenting of the articles.
  • Gun oil should be prepared in the following way. The Gun Oil recommended for use is Napiers VP90 Gun Oil, available in a 125ml bottle from Amazon and other suppliers. Ensure you purchase the gun oil lubricant rather than the gun oil cleaners and sprays. Place one droplet of the ‘Gun oil’ onto each article (see articles appropiate for the level above), and then place into a clean jar. Leave the lid off for a couple of hours to allow any residue fumes to escape. The scented articles will be ready for use after 2 days and for up to 6 weeks.
  • To prepare the ‘truffle oil’ – place three droplet onto a cotton wool pad, place in a lidded jar with 6/8 articles (see above) to be scented and leave for 2 days. Truffle oil recommended is ‘Chef’s English Truffle Oil’ which can be purchased from the following supplier –

Combi Mix

Other trainers prefer to teach their students a mix of all three odours and the ‘Mix’ recipe can be prepared as follows:-

  • Add 3 drops of gun oil applied to a cotton wool pad (or something similar) and 2 drops of Truffle oil (I turn the truffle oil bottle upside down briefly and once onto another cotton wool pad). Place these two pads in a glass jar and leave the lid off for a couple of hours to allow the gun oil fumes and moisture to evaporate. Then add 10/12 clove buds and 6/7 scented articles appropriate to the Level. (see above) before fastening the lid. Shake the jar to ensure even odour distribution, use after 2 days. If the dog mouths the articles either put them in the washing machine or throw away otherwise they can be replaced and should be good to use for 6/8 weeks.

Chef’s English Truffle oil – from the ‘Truffle Hunter’ –

Napiers VP90 Gun Oil 125ml Bottle.