Truro (Stithians) 4 May 2024 Terry Lawer 5 May 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Truro (Stithians) 4 May 2024
Levels: Level 2
Judge/s: Jackie Lawer
Contact for Trial Manager: | 07720 859356


Judges Report

It was a real pleasure to judge Level 2 yesterday. There was some great teamwork with four of the teams achieving a perfect score.
We started with the Tables, Chairs and Perimeter in a large hall where I used about half the space. We had two large tables put together with the 8 chairs around them. I used the three sides of the hall surrounding the table and chairs. The scented chair was on the left hand side of the table and the perimeter item consisted of two plastic triangular containers (generally used on a draining board) with the scent between the two. This item was in the far right hand corner. There was one incorrect alert on the item in the opposite corner, where the dog showed some interest and was tasked back in. Once the team continued around the perimeter, the dog gave a lovely alert on the correct item, as did all the others. The chair didn’t present any difficulties
We then did the exterior search. Usually we use an area of astroturf to the side of the building but as two dogs had a little wee in that area in the Level 1 in the morning, we used a concrete walled area in front of the hall. One hide furthest away from the start cones was a folding stool laid flat with the scent between the bottom of the legs. The other was a black crate close to the start with the scent towards the bottom corner. This presented a little more difficulty with the dogs taking a little time to go to source and some dogs only picking this one up on the second go.
Everyone’s favourite, Luggage and Containers was next. The items were a smallish blue rucksack on the left near the start line, where the hide was jammed in the zip and a cardboard box at the far right hand side. There were some fabulous times in this area and a couple of the handlers stood out for taking their time after ‘correct’ was called to hold the dog’s indication. Stunning to see at this level. Unfortunately, the last dog pulled the scented cloth out of the rucksack and incurred a deduction.
We finished with the wall search using a section of the wall towards the main entrance of the building and the robust wooden fence on the opposite side. The first hide the dogs came to was in a hole in the wall – some great double takes here, and the next on one of the fence posts.
I thought the teams all worked brilliantly – congratulations to you all!

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