Ullenhall, Warwickshire 2nd June 2024 LISA FINNEY 3 June 2024

Scentwork UK Trial Results

Ullenhall, Warwickshire 2nd June 2024
Levels: Level 1
Judge/s: Hazell Williamson
Contact for Trial Manager: ldtcscent@gmail.com | 07814 691244


Judges Report

Thank you to Leamington DTC for the invite to judge their Level 1 trial at Ullenhall. Lisa and Jackie made Cedar and I very welcome and had a lovely team of friendly helpers. it was quite sunny with the heat building up during the day. However Lisa and Jackie opted to do the Vehicle and exterior searches first leaving the cool of the hall for the interiors in the afternoon which worked very well. There were 14 competitors and a lot of them were experiencing their first trial. The standard was very good overall and 12 managed to qualify despite nerves and failure to remember some of the rules stopping teams achieving full marks. Handlers were however mainly delighted with their dogs performance and showed it, which after all is what it’s all about. Many congratulations to the top two, gaining full marks and there was a lot of potential in many dogs searches and I wish you all the best going forward. I like to give a small award to a competitor from the hosting dog club that I think deserved a special mention. In this case it was the 4th placed team Elaine and Mabel. Mabel was very nervous and anxious coming into the hall on the slightly slippery Lino floor and couldn’t focus to do the Table and Chair search.resulting in Elaine showing consideration and taking her out. She came in again to do the Bags and boxes and with sympathetic encouragement managed to make Mabel feel confident enough to find the two hides. Well done.

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Judges Report